Music Lesson Programs – Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario

The aim of my program is to offer an opportunity for musical growth and to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of music through learning that is focused on foundational skills and development, continual goal setting and the celebration of creativity and achievements.  I know that approaching anything in a fun, open-minded way can make learning even the most difficult concepts incredibly rewarding.  I offer exceptional knowledge of materials and repertoire for students at different stages of their musical development.

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Engaging, progressive, and fun lessons providing oodles of opportunities for students to demonstrate their mastery of learning goals and become confident in their abilities.

Preparation for performances, recitals, festivals, examinations, art school and university entrance auditions.

Tutoring for students in school band programs, including assistance with school assignments and exams.

Workshop, Conference and Seminar Facilitator

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