• Master of Arts – Music Theory and Pedagogy
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Specialized Honours – Music Theory and Pedagogy
  • M.S. Education – Music and Social Science
  • Bachelor of Arts – Geography

Instructor at York University (2005 – 2015)

  • Workshop in Musicianship
  • Music and Cultures
  • Piano for Non-Majors
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Represented the institution at professional conferences and seminars including a conference in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Active participant in professional development.


Private Teacher (over 25 years)

  • Piano
  • Clarinet
  • Introductory Guitar and Violin
  • Theory (rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, analysis)
  • History
  • Pedagogy

Seminars Facilitated

  • Supporting Your Young Musician at Home
  • Ensuring a Positive Experience at Music Festivals
  • Technique… What the Heck Is That and How Does It Relate to My Child’s Musical Development?


Programs Designed

  • Preschool and Montessori Programs
  • Group Guitar Program
  • In-house Assessment Program
  • Workshops for parents, teachers, and students
  • Music Appreciation Programs
  • Summer Arts Camp
  • Art Program

Individualized tutoring program, structured to meet and exceed the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum guidelines.

  • English, French, and Math.
  • Learning Skills
  • Test-taking Skills
  • Early Learner Reading Program


Event Management

  • Student Recitals
  • Student Art Auctions
  • Open Houses
  • Parent-Teacher Nights
  • Student Workshops
  • Parent Information Seminars